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Akram was politicaly active in the Social Democtatic Party of Sweden between years 1999 to the end of 2005.

When a person leaves his/her country in protest against dictatorship, that person has taken a political stand. Also those who claim not to be interested in politics, by the virtue of that claim, they have taken a political stand.

My interest in politics started in 1996, however between 1999 to the end of year 2005, I became heavily involved in the politics of Sweden and opted for social democratic ideology.

In year 2001, I was selected as a candidate for Social Democratic Party to run for parliament and city hall for the 2002 election.

Being involved in the political process and to be among the decision-makers, would provided me with the opportunity to better my own as well as the society's future. The desire to do so led me to establish a non-profit political organization and to promote integration.

My aim was to improve the situation for the following groups:

- Immigrants and refugees
- Senior citizens
- Single people specially, women
- Children and teenagers

I would like to try to improve the situation for immigrants in the fight against prejudice. Furthermore, I would like to promote equality of men and to get rid of the word "emigrant". In my view, this word creates and causes segregation, the very concept, which I like to be abolished.

We must fight for our new homeland Sweden together. We are not immigrants any longer; we have lived here for so many years. We should not expect others to fight for us, we must do that ourselves.

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