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In order to buy any of my books:

Contact Arya at:

The price will not include shipment costs.

Make sure the following information is included in your payment:

* Your name
* Your address
* The name of the book
* The Language of the book
* Your phone number

1. ordering:

Send email to arya@arya.se and:

- Enter the name of the book/s you want to order.

- Enter the amount.

- Name and shipping address (name, address, postal address, phone number and email address).

2. Confirmation:

Wait for confirmation of your order.

Confirmation will be by email, unless otherwise indicated.

3. Payment:

Payment information will be on the confirmation.

4. Delivery:

Once payment is made, the package vill be send by mail.

Postage will be added to prices when ordering over the internet.

Prepayment apply!

We reserve the right to end sales.

Akram Monfared Arya Tel: 0046-706-82 38 98

URL: www.arya.se

Email: arya@arya.se

You can also buy my books on www.adlibris.com

My autobiography "Swedish"

48 USD

My autobiography "English"



Sold Out

Ali´s Story

Price 12 USD

Anahita (Swedish)

Sold Out

Anahita (English)

Sold Out

A song of love

Price 5 USD

Himlen har ...

Price 5 USD

Brinnande Hjärta

Sold Out

Den tomma ramen

Price 5 USD


Sold Out

Livets väg

Price 5 USD

Tame talkhe tanhai ...

Sold Out


Price 5 USD

Sargozashteh Pari

Sold Out

Pejvak-e Eshq

Price 5 USD

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