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As a teen, I always took delight in reading Persian poems. My diaries, I remember, were always filled with romantic poems and I would write down and memorize any poem that I would hear or read. After studying the poems written by Miss Forough Faroukhzad, I became fascinated with modern poetry and I started to follow that style. I wrote my first poem in 1973 and continued to write more about love and romance.

An Iranian singer, Behrooz, haz two of my poems in his albume. Those are

  • Iran
  • Shokoufe

    "Himlen har inga gränser" (trans. Sky has no border). ... Dreams, wishes and hopes are three things that are fundamental to the human soul. The poet herself says that when dreams come true, it can feel like the resurrection of Jesus ... This book is a collection of my swedish poems.

    Editing is done by Henry Laze
    Cover photo is from my gallery. Back Photo by Stefan Kälstigen.

    Thanks to Ali Sadeghian, my daughter Mina and my daughter- in-law Faryal Shakibi.


    Review: Anne Asplund



    "Happiness is a wayside flower growing upon the highways of usefulness". In November 2005 I published my 9th book "A song of Love". This book is a collection of my english poems about the existence, the eternity, humans love to be and his belief to live for ever.

    Steven James Co-writer and Editing is done by Katherine Stuart.
    Painting by my daughter-in-law Faryal Shakibi. Photo by Rahim Karimi.

    Thanks to those who has supported me.




    "When you take a walk, try to smile upon a stranger you meet as he/she could be a future friend."

    "Brinnande Hjärta"
    (trans. Burnning Heart). A collection of Swedish and English poems published by Invandrarforlaget, July 2004.
    The book talks about the desire for a life filled with love in society and in politics.

    I dedicate this bok to my family. Text editing and the foreword is done by Barbro Dahl, a former english teacher. Drawing by Faryal Shakibi. Photo by Rahim Karimi.


    In July 2003 I published 2 new books, one in Persian titled "Shahparakha" (trans. Butterflies) and one in Swedish titled "Den tomma ramen" (trans. The Empty Frame).

    Both books contain my poems, articles and translations of my work.

    "The empty frame" is dedicated to my family who with their love has given me the
    strength to continue to live; thank you for all your help.

    Front and back cover page pictures of the Swedish book are paintings by my daughter-in-law Faryal Shakibi. Margareta Matovic, senior lecturer in History at University of Stockholm, has edited the text and written the foreword.

    "Livets väg" (trans. Path of Life) is the latest release to my collection. This book was just released on the 15th of July 2002, which coincides with my birthday. This release could not have been a better present for me to celebrate my birthday. I have written this book in Swedish, it talks about love, society and politics.

    Furthermore, there are several articles in it with regards to the 8th March anniversary "The Women's Day", killing young girls who were accused of bringing shame to their families and the integration.

    "Path of Life" is a poetic story of people who have experienced political revolution, war and immigration. The book covers everything that one can wish, dream or face in life as well as politics and its relation to religion. I am disappointed at my country and its politics which forces people to flee, to become refugees and subjected to mistreatment. I sympathize with the poverty-stricken people especially single women. I believe in integration and I am against segregation. I believe that immigrants themselves must work toward overcoming the barriers that causes segregation between different ethnicities and the new generation of Swedes. "We have been given the chance to live in freedom but the opportunity to do so came at a high price in that it took so many years and it left many with scars in their hearts and souls. As such, we have become extremely sensitive and very emotional."

    Simone Aaberg Kaern, Danish pilot and free-lance journalist, has taken the photo on the cover of the book, on the 24th of March 2002, when we flew a plane together over the beautiful city of Stockholm. The photo is a memory of that wonderful flight after so many years in my life. The picture on the back cover of the book is a drawing by my daughter-in-law, Faryal Shakibi, and it is a view from Gotland. Helena Leijd, poet, free-lance journalist and editor at Argus Lyriska factory, edited my work and wrote the foreword for this book.

    I dedicate my book to a country that gave me a new and fulfilling life as well as providing my children and I with the ability to grow. Thank you Sweden and your kind people for all your generous support toward us foreigners. Now I can proudly call myself a Swedish. I would like to live and to die in your beautiful land Sweden.

    Vargatider” (trans. Hard Times) and “Tame Talkhe Tanhai va Ghorbat” (trans. The Nostalgic Longing) are two separate collections of Swedish and Persian poems that were published in September 2001. These poems talk about life, happiness and love. Life is not meant to be suffering all the time, is the message of these poems. Not to ever let a setback in life diminish the joy of living since it is the joy of living itself that will lead one to the goodness of life.

    There is a dream of a world full of laughs and friendship. The notion that feelings of melancholy, loneliness and perhaps necessity will force one to reach out; reach out in order to find another to listen, to feel and to love.

    Regardless of one’s age, there is a whole life to live and a future ahead, so why not live a little while there is still time.

    In conjunction with “Vargatider”, a collection of Persian poems called “Tame Talkhe Tanhai Va Ghorbat” was also published which talks about integration, war, peace, love, society and environment of my homeland, Iran. It is about life and its happiness and its sorrow; about the breaking of heart and suffering. “You come with a red rose, to say good-bye … when you hugged me, you broke my heart!…” There is a humoristic touch, as one can imagine, throughout the book.

    I have settled down in Sweden and would like to live the rest of my life here; “Iran is my body and Sweden is my heart”. I am thankful to Sweden but at the same time, would like to emphasize that those who came here as refugees did so as their lives were in danger in their own homeland. It is, therefore, respect and emotional support that we need and we seek not the financial aid. I believe this is an important point that needs to be underscored.

    Although there was a short pause in my writings during my move to Sweden, I did eventually start writing again, however this time, my poems were about loneliness, separation and expatriation. It was from the multitude of all these poems that my first book called "PEJVAK-E ESHQ" (trans. The Echo of Love) came about in 1998. This book was published in April 1999 whereby it was pleasantly received by my fellow countrymen living abroad.

    On the whole, "PEJVAK-E ESHQ" is a collection of poems and short stories that talks about love, separation, loneliness, nostalgia, and women's political rights.

    I had the chance to introduce my book in a local library in Stockholm and to read a few poems from the book while my older son, Ali Sadeghian, provided the background music by playing Santur (Hammered Dulcimer; a traditional and classic Persian music instrument). Ali Sadeghian plays also Daf, Tombak (Persian drums), piano and keyboard. My son and I participated in many similar events at various libraries and museums in Stockholm such as International Library and Mediterranean Museum.

    After writing two poems in Swedish in "PEJVAK-E ESHQ", I continued to write more poems in Swedish which turned out to be a success, as well it helped me to express my feeling to my Swedish audience. I have participated in many Swedish literary events and poetical contests whereby I was granted the second prize in Swedish poetry in February 2000 at Kista Library in Stockholm as well in December 2000 in Fisksätra, Stockholm. I am also a member of the Association of Swedish Authors.

    My books are available at libraries in countries like Sweden, Nederlands, Germany and USA. I am now the Master of Ceremony for poetry contests called “Poetry Slam” held in Skärholmen Library. I have been invited as guest poet to many different events held at cultural associations and women organizations.

      http://www.arya.se/                                                                                                      arya@arya.se