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The Swedish version

"A successful landing on safe ground: The dangerous escape from Khomeini's claws to the land of freedom Sweden"

The book is about my life and my family's life in Iran before and after the revolution; the horrors of war; our escape from Iran; life in exile in Sweden; the struggle to assimilate into the Swedish society; and all throughout, a glance at Iran's history from past to present.

My name is Akram Monfared Arya. I was born in Iran, and I have been living in Sweden since 1985.

I was the first female pilot of Iran. At present, I am a poet, writer, and an artist. I have, to date, published 15 books comprised of poetry collections and novels in three languages: Persian, English and Swedish. I have also held a number of exhibitions at different art galleries.

Six of my books, two of which were re-printed, are sold out. Furthermore, two of my books were translated into English and published in Canada, one of which is also sold out. I am a member of the Swedish Writers' Association and BUS (Visual Arts Copyright Society in Sweden). Throughout the years, I have received grants from the Swedish Writers' Association and other similar foundations.

My books are available at various bookstores in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Read a short part of "A successful landing on solid ground"

I am a member of the Swedish Writers' Union and BUS (Visual Arts Copyright Society in Sweden).

I can be booked as a speaker.






"Ali´s Story" is my fourteenth book. It is my eldest son's life story in three parts: his childhood, his experience during the war, and his life in exile. Ali was born in Tehran, Iran. He has been living in Sweden since 1984. In this book, he talks about his memories in Iran before and after the revolution, his military service during the Iran- Iraq war, and his life in exile in Sweden.

Ali Sadeghian Ali Sadeghian


"Flykten från helvetet i Iran till paradiset Sverige" (trans., The escape from Iran´s hell to the paradise of Sweden)."

The book is in Swedish and consists of two parts. The first part which comprises Pari's history and background is a translation of Arya's Persian novel called "Sargozashte Pari" (trans., Pari´s memoir) which was published in year 2000.

The second part of the book called "Flykten från helvetet i Iran till paradiset Sverige" (trans., The escape from Iran´s hell to the paradise of Sweden) covers Pari's escape from Iran to Sweden.

"Pari has no right to live her life as she sees fit in her homeland. The law does not give her any rights to keep custody of her three-year old daughter, Shirin, after divorce. After a few years of loving relationship, her marriage falls apart once she is subjected to constant abuse by her mother-in-law and sister-in-law, and rape by her husband. Her parents try to protect her from all evil to no avail. All of Pari's dreams to study and become a doctor are dashed due to her horrendous marriage. Her kid is taken away from her and she can visit her beloved Shirin only once a month. At last, a young friend of hers, who resides in Sweden, helps her to escape from that hellish life and . . ."

Copyright: Akram Monfared Arya

Cover design and Art-work: Akram Monfared Arya

Editing: Jan Ryggard, B4PRESS

Printing by B4PRESS in Sweden, dated December 2008

ISBN 978-91-633-3613-3


"Anahita" is Arya's second novel which is inspired by the true story of a woman's miserable and tragic life in her homeland, Iran. The book was originally written in Swedish and later translated to English.

"Ziba is a young and beautiful girl who, against her will, is forced into marrying an older man. Trapped in an awful marriage, she becomes a prisoner of her husband. She gets abused, assaulted and raped by her sadistic husband day and night.

Ziba does not get any support from either her own family or her in-laws. Ultimately, her marriage and her life end up in tragedy.".

Arya dedicated the book to all women who are oppressed around the world.


Download the English version of Anahita

Download the English ebook of Anahita on Smashwords


Persian novel called "Sargozashte Pari" (trans., Pari´s memoir).

The book highlights the subjugation of Iranian women in the contemporary, religious and patriarchal society of Iran. The factors affecting Iranian women's right and their social status go beyond mere adversity of civil and religious laws since they are also subjected to the domination imposed on them by male members of their own family.

An extract from "Sargozashteh Pari" (trans., Pari's memoir)

Men can make decisions for the women in their family or perhaps even punish women as they see fit. As such, "Sargozashteh Pari" (trans., Pari's memoir) is an effort to highlight the injustice directed at women in male-dominated societies. The book narrates the story of a young and beautiful girl who, as a result of spousal cruelty and abuse, makes some dangerous decisions . . .

A selection from "Sargozashteh Pari"

Here follows a few samples of my writing in Persian.
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